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The products in this range have been designed with innovation, advanced technology, and affordability as the driving forces. We aim to continue providing education furniture products that are at the forefront of innovative design for the educational market.

School Furniture Sales products have been directly designed or sourced out of a recognition of the specific and changing needs within the education market. We have carefully selected our ranges of classroom chairs and tables, as well as all other school furniture to ensure that our products meet the highest standards and are the most practical for your school.

As ever, durability, practicality, functionality and safety remain very high priorities among our customers. Value for money though, is something we have always tried to provide alongside the quality we insist on. 

Of course we also recognise that it doesn't end with the right product. You want to know that the environment is considered during manufacture and that the service you receive from your chosen supplier reflects the high value they place on your custom. Once again then you have come to the right place! 

We of course can bring samples for free trial and will always be willing to discuss your requirements and apply our experience to assist you. 

Finally if a bespoke item is required, that is something we also have much experience in providing.

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Alpha Furniture has always been committed to high quality products, great value and excellent service...

Phil MacInnes, Chairman, says "The foundation of the business has been an honest and trustworthy approach in an industry that is traditionally based on personal recommendation. Alpha has grown over the years because of this approach."

Once again we have been able to add many new items to our range of durable quality furniture.

In these financially testing times we have excelled at bringing customers the best value available. To cope with raw material price fluctuations we regularly review our prices to ensure we remain competitive passing any savings on to you quickly.

As ever, quality products and attentive service remain our top priorities.