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Notice boards are a staple in school these days, showing important notices, information and your school's students' work all around the school as appropriate. Featuring locking sliding doors, and boards that meet the high fire safety regulations, these school notice boards are ideal for education facilities and other public buildings alike.

Notice Boards

A range of notice boards to suit the size of your wall.

We have a wide range of sizes of notice board available for your classroom and corridors, so you are able to find the perfect size for your wall. Our notice boards are flame retardant, with either an aluminium or wood frame, polypropylene covered safety corners, pre-sanded with a soft finish. They have great pin retention and are very easy to maintain. Please note, these notice boards should be at ambient temperature of the room or corridor prior to fixing.

Our selection notice boards meet the following standards:

  • FRB (Flame Retardant Board) board has been tested under the European Harmonised Standards BS EN 13823: 2002 and BS EN 11925-2 and fully meets the criteria for Class B. Sundeala FRB may therefore be used in locations that previously required British Standard and Building Regulation classifications of Class 1 and Class  O .



Notice boards are available in the following sizes and at the following prices:

Size Frame Price (from)
900 x 600 mm Aluminium  36.40
900 x 600 mm Wood  48.80
1200 x 600 mm Aluminium  43.60
1200 x 600 mm Wood  57.20
1200 x 900 mm Aluminium  55.90
1200 x 900 mm Wood  72.20
1200 x 1200 mm Aluminium  74.10
1200 x 1200 mm Wood  90.40
1500 x 1200 mm Aluminium  89.70
1500 x 1200 mm Wood  110.50
1800 x 1200 mm Aluminium  102.10
1800 x 1200 mm Wood  125.50
2100 x 1200 mm Aluminium  114.40
2100 x 1200 mm Wood  141.70
2400 x 1200 mm Aluminium  123.50
2400 x 1200 mm Wood  154.10

*All prices are excluding VAT.

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