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The products in this range have been designed with innovation, advanced technology, and affordability as the driving forces. We aim to continue providing education furniture products that are at the forefront of innovative design for the educational market.

Classroom Tables

Bright, tough, safe and good value   just what you would expect. 

Once again, tried and test manufacturing is applied to new and innovative design, to bring you exciting, high quality tables for classrooms.

With education the designated market for these products even before the drawing board stage, it is little wonder they tick all the right boxes for so many schools.

For a wider range of classroom tables please click here to visit our Alpha Furniture website. Particularly our tamper proof tables, and gopak tables. At Alpha Furniture we pride ourselves in sourcing only products which will meet all our customers' needs, whilst upholding a reputation built over many years. 

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Alpha Furniture has always been committed to high quality products, great value and excellent service...

Phil MacInnes, Chairman, says "The foundation of the business has been an honest and trustworthy approach in an industry that is traditionally based on personal recommendation. Alpha has grown over the years because of this approach."

Once again we have been able to add many new items to our range of durable quality furniture.

In these financially testing times we have excelled at bringing customers the best value available. To cope with raw material price fluctuations we regularly review our prices to ensure we remain competitive passing any savings on to you quickly.

As ever, quality products and attentive service remain our top priorities.